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Nolan P. Holloway, Jr. (Mr. Scribe)

Nolan Holloway is a poet and author of three published books of poetry.  In addition, a cohost of a global internet radio show “The Real Level Up”.  And a voiceover artist. 

With a background in Business Management Nolan did not start writing until his early fifties.  He has been categorized as a “philosophical poet” that creates thought through his words.  Nolan’s books can be found on Amazon.com and GoodReads.  His following can contact him on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Nolan’s Credentials:

  • Received a five-star review from Realistic Poetry International
  • Part of poetry anthologies, “Love, A Four Letter Word” and “Shades of the Same Skin”
  • Poet “Arise” was featured in an on-line poetry magazine “The Dissident Voice”
  • Cohost of “The Real Level Up” broadcasting globally to an audience over 125K listeners
  • Before COVID-19 recited my work at various open mic at different venues
  • Have been the featured author interviewed on virtual platforms in the US, Canada, and the UK (Sizzlin Sundays, DowntownHottRadio, World Poetry, SwagHer Magazine)
  • “Into My Rotation” featured in the Gwinnett County Library and MEDU bookstore

Nolan believes in his work and over the years he has refined his “voice” to encourage, heal and network with fellow artist to help change the environment within his circle.  Nolan’s goal is to reach as many people as possible through innovative technological outlets.  Nolan will continue producing writings that move and inspire.  He is working on many events for the coming year.  In his personal space he enjoys daily walking in faith while enjoying his family and loving on his grandchildren.

Mr. Scribe

Mr. Scribe