Write Your First Book With Confidence

Do you dream of being an author? Do you enjoy writing, but don’t think of yourself as a “real” writer? Stop thinking that way! Everyone’s got a book in them, but only a few actually write a book. It’s not as daunting a task as you may think. Only desire is required.

Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Writing nonfiction is a good place to start. Nonfiction is easier to research and organize than fiction. You don’t have to worry about characters, dialogue, conflicts etc.

How-to books are a good example. If you’re an avid fisherman who knows all the secrets of fishing in the Northwest, you’ve got a book. Are you a cook with extensive knowledge of Cajun cuisine? Write a book of recipes with Cajun cooking secrets. Are you the consummate discount shopper in a big city? Are you the neighborhood pet expert? These are all subjects people want to learn about. There is something you know and already love doing that other people want to know.

“I don’t have any time!” If you really want to write a book, it can be done. It’s a matter of priorities. Set aside a time each day that you can devote to writing. Talk to your family and let them know you’d really like to give this a shot. You may be surprised to find how supportive they are.

Even if you find you need to get up an hour earlier or skip the weekly sit-com, you can choose to set aside that time to write. If you set a goal of three pages per day, you’ll have a book in three months! Commit to an amount of time and pages per day, and you will write a book.

Start with an outline, it might look like this:


I. Introduction – Setup to Succeed. Organize by category:

Business Size (small, medium, or enterprise)

Business Culture





Social Media

Explain to your reader what they’ll gain by reading your book. Determine the areas you want to cover. If you need more comprehensive information, start with the internet, the information you need is more the likely out there!

Begin your work from your outline. Everyone has a passion. What are you passionate about? Pick a topic from your outline and start writing. No need for an anxiety attack when you begin. Just look over your outline, and whatever reaches out and grabs you, start writing. You’ll gain inspiration and confidence. Write every day.

When you’ve got your first draft, hire a professional editor to help you polish your book. You can publish your book as an ebook or go through traditional publishing houses. Now go write!

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