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Nolan P. Holloway – A  Poet and Author of Three Published Books of Poetry Nolan P. Holloway – Poet and /author of three Published Books of PoetryIn addition, he is a cohost of a global internet radio show “The Real Level Up,” and a voiceover artist with a background in Business Management.  Nolan did not start writing until his early fifties. Characterized as a “philosophical poet” that creates thought through his words. Nolan believes in his work and over the years he has refined his “voice,” to encourage, heal, and network with fellow artist to help change the environment within his circle. Nolan’s goal is to reach as many people as possible through the use of technology. His plans are to continue producing writings that move and inspire. Nolan has several events scheduled in the upcoming year so, keep an eye out for him. Nolan also, enjoys walking in faith, spending time with family, and loving on his grandchildren.


R. DEZMO ~Designer
Journey to the Poetic Light: Iluminations by Nolan Holloway is a collection that is filled with lofty imagery and that will inundate the reader with images of light and love. It is the kind of poetry that is purpose driven, capturing live in it's essence.
A wonderful book of poetry! Nolan writes about growth and the journey to find oneself. Each poem is a reflection of his soul.
Deric Bolden ~Reader
I love the meaning of this book, it gives you a good insight on persevering over your feelings and emotions as well being there for your family. It shows this man has amazing strength after his losses... and God brought him through some tough times as he continues to shine. God bless you!
Marcia S. White ~Reader
I downloaded the digital version on my Ipod and started reading. One piece brought me to tears. It's a collection of the authors thoughts seen in poems. It is not one continuous read it is thought divided into subsections, Brilliant. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!


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